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I am proud to announce the completion of  A comprehensive guide to Super Powers that took me nearly 2 years to put together, covering nearly every toy created for the Super Powers line.  These pages on my personal site mainly serve as a checklist (in matrix form) for my own personal use as I attempt at getting one of each cardback variation.  As I fill in holes on this site, I’ll also fill in holes on the wiki site.

I split the collection into different groups that you can browse in the menu above or the navigation bar on the right.  Below is a key/legend of what each of the images mean on my list. Under the key is a list of items I’m currently looking for.


Key for the checklist/matrix pages

This means it’s missing from my collection and I am currently looking for one.
This means I’ve acquired the piece recently!  But haven’t had time to take photos… so come back later to see it.
This image means the figure was either never produced or
a known example (photo or otherwise) has not been seen by me personally, so the data is not available.  Please contact me if you have photos of figures marked N/A and I will update my list.


This is a current list of Super Powers items I’m looking for.
Message me if you have any of these for sale/trade!

WTB: International

PlayFul (Argentina) Super Amigos:   Robin
GMJ Spain “Super Poderes”:  Aquaman, Brainiac, Green Lantern, Hawkman
UK/Trilingual (no Poster sticker):  Hawkman
Italian/Trilingual:  Batman, Joker
Estrela (Brazil):  Darkseid, Hawkman, Lex Luthor, Superman
Australia Sticker:  Darkseid(exists?)


WTB: Super Powers Vehicles

Estrela (Brazil) Boxed Batcopter


WTB: Random Super Powers Items

Cromalin Proofs
Series 2 Display Header
Original artwork or display boards
Proof cardbacks and carded samples
Prototypes (First Shots, EP’s, Wax sculpts, etc)
Wonder Woman and Supergirl Puffy Stickers – Blue header card
Wonder Woman Bop Bag
Foreign release puzzles & coloring books
Any items Tower of Darkness and All Terrain Trapper related

10 thoughts on “My Super Powers

  1. Dave


    Just wondering what you thought a Mr. Freeze Canada Card would be worth in about AFA 80. A clear bubble with no issues and a nice figure with no yellowing. A good card with just minor edge wear. Just curious what you think one of these would go for in todays market? Love your website. Thanks for your opinion.


    • rasoul

      Sent you an email, it was great hearing from you!

  2. chris dodd

    hi rasoul handsome mike has a figure your looking for ,and a couple more you may be interested in ,get back to me and ill give you the details cheers chris

  3. Daz

    Hi I have 4 lily ledy super poderes super,powers figures for sale all loose-flash,AQUAMAN,robin and superwoman let me know if you would be interested in buying them,I purchased them from Mexico they the real deal.

    Kind regards

    • johnny espinoza

      I want to know if you still have them plz let me know here Thank you the super powers ones

  4. Liam

    I have a estrala superman sealed in a bag with a made in brazil sticker. 4433157214

  5. ralph reyna

    Just wanted to ask if you know what the value of the estrela superman is?

  6. johnny espinoza

    I am lookoing to buy any super powers. So plz let me know here’s my email Plz let me know thank you. I want a cybrog. Or any other ones.

  7. Lucas

    Just bought from Rasoul this man is honest and knows his super powers I sent him $535.00 and he did not rip me off. He is a trust worthy dealer!

  8. John

    I am interested in buying any super powers figures and am looking for a complete 33 set. If anyone is interested, please contact me at Thanks!

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