Home Toy Invasion

Well I’ve made posts about my Batman Room, but what about the other rooms? 🙂

So far, the only thing not shown here is my Super Powers room. As of right now the only people that have seen it are those who come see it in person. I’m working on a few things so that may change soon, but until then here’s the REST of the house. Enjoy!

When you first walk into my house, this is the front entry room.

And further into the house, here’s my hallway. Some Batman related die-cast and some random Star Wars that wouldn’t fit anywhere else. Some autographs and foreign figures on this wall.

Then you find yourself in my Dark Knight themed kitchen!

And finally you get to my living room. A bunch of Star Wars, Batman, Terminator, Predator, and a bit of misc in this room.

2 thoughts on “Home Toy Invasion

  1. James Moore


  2. Rasoul

    Hey my name is rasoul too and I’m fan of star wars marvel comics and manga =D

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